Extras…Historic Rafting Photos From the Past (1969 -1979)

Posted July 31, 2021 by Gregg Armstrong, Co-Founder
View time: 2 mins

It’s always fun to find something you didn’t know existed until you stumble upon it. That was the case here as we dug through our 94-year-old founder George Armstrongs’s photo closet! Check out the images and don’t forget to read the caption explaining the value of each nugget.

Author Bio

Gregg Armstrong

Gregg is the middle child of George and Dolores Armstrong's five children. He has been working with All-Outdoors since it was founded. He guided and set up early operations on California rivers in the 70's and 80's before making marketing for AO and reservations his main responsibilities. One of his claims to fame is that he and his wife Marion had triplets, who grew up to enjoy rafting and outdoor activities as much as he does. When not doing AO and family life he loves to ski, garden, and spend time with people.


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