George, Gregg, and Laura Armstrong: Founder, Owner, Guide

Posted January 10, 2006 by Malina

3 generations armstrongs1.jpgGeorge is our founding father–AO has been the official family business since 1962. Although he handles a lot of paperwork and behind-the-scenes stuff, George still guides a few trips every summer and keeps everyone driving the speed limit and double checking equipment lists. Gregg keeps everybody in our booking (aka the “Walnut Creek Office”) in line and if you’ve ever called us with a special request you probably talked to him (though it may have been his brother Scott–they sound so similar it’s downright scary). He rafts, skis, and, until they migrated to college was kept busy raising the Armstrong triplets: Jonathan, Brenden, and Laura. We were lucky enough to snag one triplet and get her up to the river. Laura became the youngest Armstrong family guide in 2005 and we fully expect to see more of her smiling face on the river. Who needs a “real job” when this is your family legacy?


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