Grey Skies and High Hopes!

Posted March 29, 2010 by Malina

It’s rainy and blustery here in Lotus.   And we couldn’t be happier!

Contrary to most people, for us there is no bummer quite like a warm gorgeous spring day and nothing sweeter than a drizzly, grey, super lame and depressing cloud cover hovering over the green hills and blooming April wild flowers.  No, not a warning sign of psychotic meltdown–it’s just good old fashioned self interest.

For us, those sweet and warm early springs mean melting snow now and lower water later–basically a bunch of water wasted before we’re ready to rock it.   Depressing grey days, on the other hand, mean that same snow is sitting pretty, not going anywhere.  Heck, if it’s raining in the valley, could even be snowing in Tahoe–so not only are we not losing anything, we could even be gaining another weekend of high water!  So yeah, we’re more than happy to keep the rain jacket out for another week and leave the chacos in storage.   Plenty of time for them soon enough!


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