How ’bout a little grape stompin’ with your paddlin’?

Posted August 17, 2010 by Malina

How’s this for a biathlon of fun?  Come up for an American River rafting trip this Saturday, have a tasty dinner at Marco’s Pizza or Cafe Mahjaic (well, eat where you want, I’m just giving a little advice as a local, don’t you know…), and then on Sunday go STOMP GRAPES at David Girard Winery!  I’m sorry but that sounds awesome!!!  Grapes skins everywhere!  Purple juice staining every tee-shirt within a mile radius!  Your mom might not like it but Bacchus will be delighted and if summer isn’t a time for Bacchus I just don’t know when is…..

Get more details from Girard:  (scroll down till you get to the Grape Stomp info!)


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