July 4th Whitewater Rafting

Posted June 28, 2012 by cameron

“July 4th’s coming up
I know, it’s crazy
Here’s AO’s number
Go rafting, maybe”

1 (800) 247-2387


Don’t let tired social conventions get in the way of a truly memorable 4th of July celebration. You can accomplish all your favorite Independence Day traditions and so much more with us on (where else?) the American River.

So let’s break it down. What are the traditions, tied and true, to celebrate the ol’ red, white and blue?

The Parade: Instead of sitting on the hot concrete watching marching bands and paper mâché presidents loll down the street, picture yourself on raft parading down the river, splashing and laughing with your fellow whitewater paraders. It’s a tradition as old as George Washington crossing the Delaware.

The Picnic/Barbecue: AO’s got you covered, a deli spread to match any egg salad sandwich you’ve ever had on a picnic. Or how about deciding that independence is worth at least two days of celebrating. We’ll break out the BBQ equipment to grill up some tasty tri-tip on a 2-day rafting trip.

The Fireworks: How about the original fireworks? Yes, I’m talking about the stars. But seriously, without being cheesy, the stars are a brilliant spectacle to behold, looking up from the banks of the river. Or, if you’re sold on the kind of fireworks that make a boom, you can stop at the Eldorado County Family Blast on your way home.

And did I mention that there’s whitewater rafting involved too? We’d love to share the holiday with you!!!


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