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Posted April 28, 2020 by Jamie Low

Last week we asked our newsletter subscribers for their opinion about our latest video before we shared it on social media.

We enjoyed reading every reply. There were many thoughtful comments, and we received some great constructive feedback. Jack made several changes and we are now sharing the final cut with you here.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

We also loved reading about how our subscribers felt when they watched it:

“This video makes me feel hopeful, lighter, expansive, focused on a time when we WILL be able to enjoy the river again, together.”


“It made me want to cry, but tears of joy at the beauty of the scenery, the happy smiling faces and with hope that we will all be doing the things we love soon.”


“It will give people a sense of hope that things will return to normal. It brings back good memories of the trips we have taken with All Outdoors.”

Most of the people who responded felt it was ready to share with the rest of the world. But understandably, not everyone felt the same way.

Some felt that the beginning was too “somber”, “sad”, “mournful” or that it reminded them too much about what we are all going through right now. A few commented that it might not be the right time to share this.

And we get it. We struggled to strike the right balance; we wanted to share our sense of longing to get back out on the river together, but we didn’t want to ignore the reality of what we are all living through.

While we were unable to address all of these concerns in the final cut, Jack did incorporate a number of suggestions without sacrificing any of the beauty in the work he put into it.

Overall, we found the creative process of working on this video together (virtually) to be a welcome distraction and a therapeutic exercise. We hope it also resonates with any friends or family you choose to share this with.

So what happens next?
We are not making any announcements about the upcoming season until we know that is appropriate to start rafting again.

Until then, we are staying focused on the challenges in front of us. Our staff is keeping busy making preparations and continuing work on some big behind the scenes projects that we hope to share with you soon, including a new online reservations system that will make it easier to select and book your next river trip.

And for those who have already booked a trip for this season (or hope to do so soon), we’ve updated our cancellation policy to provide more flexibility in the event you are not able to raft on your scheduled trip date.

If you have any questions about an existing or future reservation, know that our staff is reading and waiting to help. Feel free to reply to this email, or reach out by phone, email or Live Chat on our website.

The Armstrong Family & All-Outdoors Staff

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Video: Jack Armstrong


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