Major News for San Joaquin River!

Posted October 2, 2009 by Malina

Rivers flow to the sea, right?  As long as people don’t divert them, or use up all the water before they get there, anyway.

For 60 years, the San Joaquin River hasn’t made it to the sea–but starting yesterday, that’s going to change.  This is a major development in river restoration and huge second chance for creaturePD*28524268s of all kinds, including that tastiest and bravest of fish, the salmon.  From what I’ve heard it will take a long time for Salmon to re-establish themselves in the San Joaquin, but how amazing that they might have a chance now.  Biologists aren’t sure how the enviroment will respond to the river running again and there are many people who are skeptical–or outright angry about the project.  I for one think this will be a fascinating process to watch and hope that it is a great sucess for fish and people alike.

You can see a bunch of pictures and get more info about this very cool project at the Sacramento Bee website.


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