Massive Storm is HERE!

Posted January 18, 2010 by Malina

Rumors and emails have been flying fast and thick around town about the storm cycle heading to California and I tell you what, they weren’t messing around–it’s here!  it’s raining hard and the wind is whipping the trees around.  It’s a day for hunkering down.

This is supposed to be a storm of historic proportions–one report I read said there may “tens of feet” of snow dumped in the Sierra over the next week or so!  It remains to be seen how that effects our rafting season, because if the snow storm is followed by a bunch of warm rain we’ll lose some of the snowpack to flooding.  Might have some good pics from the SF pretty soon here!

As long as the internet holds up I’ll keep you posted!  But we’re thinking the power is liable to go out any minute here so I’m off to fill up the water bottles and get out the ol’ campstove…..


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