May 2011 Rafting Update!

Posted May 24, 2011 by Malina

There is so much going on!  No, not just revolutions one after the other, tsunamis, tornados, saying sayonara to Liz, Osama, and the Flip camera, and of course zee Royal Wedding.  Here in our smaller and more gentle world, we are quite happy to just be in the midst of a Truly Fabulous rafting season and directing guides, buses, and pounds of lunch meat.  Although that wedding was rather entertaining!  Those hats!  Some of them could have navigated class V white water on their own for heaven’s sake. 

Hats aside we’re busy! Why just this weekend we had trips on the Merced, Kaweah, North Stan, Tuolumne……did I miss anything?  If you want to raft it, we are there, it seems!  And we’ll be there this weekend, too.  Lots to choose from.

With the weather (maybe?) starting to heat up we are going to be seeing higher flows across the board so it’s definitely time to start doing those pull-ups, dusting off the P-90 X, and getting yourself pumped for HIGH WATER–when it hits it’s going to be huge this year.  And in the meantime, while we wait for the big melt, conditions have been great, no complain’ here.  We’ll keep you updated when we get a better picture of peak flows.

In general though, trips in May have been–and will continue to be–fast, furious, and heart-pounding.  Flows of 4-5K on the South Fork American make for a whole new experience if you’re used to regular summer conditions, the Kaweah is a non-stop blast, and the Tuolumne…………….it remains a company and guest favorite for a reason!  Even SNOW a couple of weeks back couldn’t dampen people’s enthusiasm–what does that say?  That’s an awesome run, is what.  The Merced and North Stanislaus rivers are also rockin’………… much to choose from and wonderful water everywhere.

Details on high water as we get it!  Stay tuned……


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