Middle Fork American Two-Day Trips

Posted August 24, 2010 by Malina

Summer is not exactly fading fast, but it’s about this time when it begins to dawn on us that it won’t last forever………..sure the weather is blazing, there are mountains of tomatoes in a full blaze of rainbow colors at the P’ville farmer’s market, the sunflowers are in full bloom at my dad’s house, and everyone at AO but me is tanned and toned and highlighted………but people are starting to talk sadly of the return to college, the transition to off-season schedules, and–most tortuous of all for moi–the plans for winter travel (I am SO busting in on a certain someone’s year abroad in TURKEY this year–I love ground lamb, hookas, and Roman ruins!  hello!!!).

So the point is, summer doesn’t last forever–and now is the time to get on a two-day, overnight, camp-under-the-stars-extravaganza on the Middle Fork of the American River.  Class IV rapids, side-hikes and sunny skies to thrill by day, twinkling stars, tasty food and good conversation at night.  And all this glory is only a few miles from the Hwy 80 corridor so it’s but a hop skip and jump from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and even Reno.  Grab some friends and come on up before the summer is donedonedone!

(above: side hike on the Middle Fork American River, above right: class VI (unrunnable) ruck-a-chucky falls)


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