Nothing says Thanksgiving like Neoprene.

Posted November 8, 2010 by Malina

Ahhhh Fall……………..the turning leaves, the calling geese, the old Halloween candy wrappers littering the office and………the warm balmy days and weekend rafting trips?  Yes, it’s true.  Here we are in November and still the rafters keep coming!

Yes yes we may have to unroll a boat and dig some paddles out of the barn–and wake up a snoozing river guide–but if’n y’all want to raft the South Fork, we can take you.  We had folks out last weekend and are already looking at a November trip or two as well.  Now that’s hard core, I tell you.  Nothing says Thanksgiving like neoprene and a turkey sandwich, am I right?

The South Fork of the American.  For die-hards.  Four seasons, all year ’round.


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