Summer Rafting Necessities!

Posted July 22, 2010 by Malina
Now that the weather has cooperated and it is officially Summer (yay!!!!)

you might need a reminder of what to wear for your rafting adventure. So

here are the hot weather basics…

Sun Hat: big brimmed, little brimmed, visor or bucket hat (for the cool

kids.) Just make sure your moneymaker is covered for the serious rays we

have here in the foothills.

Sunglasses WITH Retainers: It’s hard to see the spectacular scenery through

squinty eyes. Make sure you bring retainers (chums, crockies, etc.) to make

sure you don’t loose those glasses when you join the AO swim team. If you

forget, you can buy them from All-Outdoors at check-in.

Sunscreen: again… Because tans are sooooo yesterday!

Quick-dry shorts: much nicer than jeans or a Speedo.

Long sleeve Shirt: A long sleeve shirt can save you from a burn (the rafting

gift that keeps on giving) and from explaining your farmer’s tan on Monday.

Didn’t I say tan’s are so yesterday! Cotton is also a good top option in

summer to keep you cool.

Shoes: No flip-flops. Other than that, anything goes. Well… almost anything

(I would say no Uggs, after ski boots, s***kickers or high heels.)

Undergarments of your Choice: I’ll leave it at that!

(Thanks again to Rafting guide Brooke for this post!!!!!!)


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