Sunny skies + Snow Equals……..

Posted June 7, 2011 by Malina

?High water?  Finally? Maybe?  As Gregg A pointed out in his latest flow report, this has been one heck of an odd spring.  We all thought for sure by now we would have a TON of high water trips under our 2011 belts.  We did have a monster weekend on the Tuolumne, and flows have certainly been good everywhere, but the gigantor numbers we all want to see just haven’t happened yet because the weather has been so cool. 

But, with the blue skies we’re seeing today, and which we expect to keep seeing………….hold onto your hats because there is so much snow in the Sierra it’s crazy.  Check out these recent photos from Tioga pass!!!  Off the hook.  When all that stuff starts to melt, look out…….you are gonna make some serious memories. 


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