Tales from the Cal Salmon 2009

Posted May 6, 2009 by Malina

AO guide Lynsey submitted this report from our trip last weekend on the Cal Salmon River:

Who would have thought, pulling away from the majestic Cal Salmon, the one name that would swirl around my head would be Wooly Bully?!

Honestly, it took a few miles of pushing on the oars before I was able to say to myself, “Hey Lyns, you’re a good river guide! You’ve got some skills!” And after getting that part out of the way, I had no trouble looking downstream as guests, guides and grey rubber disappeared from one horizon line to another into a wonderment we call the “Cal Salmon”.What a fantastic crack into the 2009 season. With a strong guide-to-guest ratio, we descended into the river canyon. And did excitement abound! A scout at Cascade (just long enough to make you wish you had stopped looking about 30 seconds sooner) ended with clean lines and a splash for all 6 boats. And the scout/running of Freight Train took place just as smoothly, withthe exception of the missing snacks and little flippy-poo by D.Strat.

Now, lunch was plentiful and the Butler section was beautiful, but the part I want to make sure that is known …the hole at the bottom right of Wooly Bully is a sleeper and a force with which to be reckoned. Having the lead boat surf, D.W.’s boat offering a bump out, and then the third boat surfing too, you’d think the next boat (my boat) would get the hint and by-pass the hole, right? Well, I pressed my luck with the hole, resulting in a magnificent surf, flip and recovery. Joel told me later, it was the longest surf/swim in his rafting career.cs2 You are welcome, Joel!

The last two boats showed me how it was supposed to be done. The trip ended on a warm note–however, I don’t remember boats weighing that much last season. It was great to reconnect with old friends, spend some time in a great river canyon, and you all can put your money on this gal to sign up for another round with the “Bully” next spring. Until then, I’m looking forwardto the unexpected surprises of ’09.


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