The Magic of the Overnight River Trip

Posted July 10, 2012 by Malina

The Huz-band and I recently got away for a little overnight excursion and I was reminded of the power a wee vacay can have.  Don’t get me wrong–I love an adventure of any size, but if you can swing spending the night and waking up somewhere new……’s exponentially better.  So yes, a day trip down the river is wonderful–lots of fun, many laughs–but if you can do it, go for the two-day trip.   The rapids are just as thrilling but the pace of the day is more relaxed.  You get to do side hikes and discover hidden swimming holes, spooky caves, and waterfalls.  At night, someone else does the cooking and the clean-up and you get to play cards, read a book (ok Kindle, only I still read books) and maybe even have a real conversation with someone.  There will be tasty dutch-oven brownies or maybe some short-cake………and finally, nothing but crickets, more stars than you can count, and the sound of the river.  In the morning, cowboy coffee and bacon…….and again, the incomparable sweetness of someone else washing the dishes………..all you have to do is pack your sleeping bag, find your sunscreen and get fired up for more time on the water.

If you were just wondering “wait, she forgot to mention the hot shower and camp store with snacks” never fear–check out a two-day trip on the South Fork of the American, where you can bring whatever creature comforts you want to cram into your car.  Or, if you’re up for roughing it just a little, and those side-hikes are calling your name,  look into the Tuolumne or the Middle Fork of the American, where there are no showers but there are also no hassles, no wi-fi, and no dishes.


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