The Top 5 Reasons Fall Rafting Rocks

Posted September 24, 2013 by Malina

Yes, springtime has high-water and lots of drama, and summer is the season everyone thinks of when it comes to whitewater rafting, but to those in the know understand that fall has its own special sauce.  And we are definitely in the know.  Herewith, our top 5 reasons fall rafting rocks.

1)  Who says water sports and drinking don’t mix?

aboutus_vineyards_1EVERYONE. No really, everyone.  That’s why you should go wine-tasting AFTER your river trip.  If you book a trip on the Upper section of the South Fork you’ll be off the river with plenty of time to hit a couple local tasting rooms before dinner.  Our fair county is known for spicy Zins and fruity Barberas and fall is harvest season so this is a great time to do a little tasting.  Add a little swank to your sporty weekend, why dontcha?  And if you spit after you taste, you can have as much as you want!




2)  A little privacy, please!

AOrafting_middleforkamericanCrowd-surfing is great at a concert (or so they say, this is not my style, I admit), but on the river?  Not so much.  Rivers like the South and Middle Forks are incredibly popular–with good reason–but during the high summer season they get BUSY!  This time of year, the crowds mellow out and you, the savvy fall rafter, will have the water to yourself.




3) Winter is Coming.

SouthFork_AOraftingWhat do you want to talk about around the water cooler next week?  How well your AC is still working considering how much you used it this summer?  Or would you rather have some Tales to Tell that involve drama, adventure, and mystery?  It’s warm now, but chilly weather is on its way and you’ll be sorry if you didn’t strike when the weather was hot.






4) An Apple a Day Keeps the Dr. Away.


After your core workout on the river  you have earned the right to splurge.  So head to Apple Hill and eat cider donuts!  And Apple Strudel!  Carmel Apples!  Apple Butter washed down with cider!  Grab a pie to take home–heck grab one for the road; the fiber is a health tool.





5) The Time is Now.

P1010651Look, we’ll take you rafting on the South Fork in mid-January during a rainstorm (we’re crazy like that) if you reeeeeeeeally want to, but we realize that for all but the most die-hard fans (we’re talking to you, Katie S), winter isn’t exactly the dream time for a whitewater trip.  The clock is ticking.  Go now.



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