Tuolumne River is ramping up!

Posted May 25, 2011 by Malina

Hear ye Hear ye: the T is ramping up this week!   As you know, we generally start seeing high spring water when Mother Nature cranks up the heat and starts to melt all that snow you skiied on this winter.   As you also know, temps have been mild of late, so you might think flows would be standard on the Tuolumne River right now.  However, due to the magic of hydroelectricity and government agencies, we’re actually going to see increasing flows all week long.  Check out the photo below–all those rocks and all that riverbank?  You’re not going to see any of that in the next few days.  It’s all gonna be underwater, baby!

                                                                                                                                                                                                 We got confirmation from said Powers That Be that due to scheduled releases CFS will be growing SOON!  Soon as in RIGHT NOW!

Today, flows are climing to the 7 grand range.

On Thursday, they’ll  be  climbing to about 9500….

On Friday, WOW! 12,200!

Saturday 12,200!

Sunday down to around 10 grand…..

And people, can you believe it, these probably aren’t the highest numbers we’re going to see this year.  When the weather heats up it could get even higher.  Told you this is great year!


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