The Walker Brothers: River Guides and Managers

Posted January 16, 2006 by Malina


Above: Grand Canyon trip 2002. L-R: Adam, Tommy, and Danny.

With their custom-welded roof racks, hand-sewn leather bags, and endless wood-working projects, Adam and Danny together are a small dynasty of good ol’ fashioned Yankee ingenuity. Plus, they cook up storm. Just don’t ask them to dance.

Between the two of them, the Walkers have nearly twenty years of professional rafting experience. They started rafting with their dad as kids and have never looked back. In addition to rafting all over California, Adam and Danny have rafted the Futaleufu river in Chile, and a couple of years ago they ran the Colorado in the wooden dory they built in the AO garage. In 2004 Adam ran the Blue Nile with AO owner Scott Armstrong where he braved class V rapids, sought shelter in a bat cave, and caught a big African catfish.


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