Welcome back to ME!

Posted May 23, 2011 by Malina

When I logged on to my computer this morning my own blog interface took one look at me and said “who are you?  ain’t seen you before!”  I rolled my eyes and said “oh give me a break, you’re mine, and you’ll recognize me if I say you will.”  But I guess it’s true, it has been awhile. 🙂

So, welcome back to myself!  Now, where have I been anyway?  Well, in the winter I morph into that intrepid creature, the College History Professor, and let me tell you, my wardrobe changes a LOT, as does my vocabulary.  More “what’s the argument this historian is making” and “yes, you will fail if you don’t take the exam,” and much less “aha , so the wave train washed out because of the high water” and “wow, your sunburn does look like batman!”  Sometimes I get confused and tell my students that their papers are “sweet” and guides that their grammar is incorrect.  Woopsie.

ANYway, I was basically caught under a pile of essays and primary sources the last month or so, and that explains my absence!  But I am back and ready to rumble and report on all things AO for your edification and enjoyment in 2011!  And there is a LOT to report on…………..which will happen SOON!


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