What does fried cheese have to do with rafting?

Posted September 14, 2011 by Malina

Man–or woman–cannot live on whitewater alone.  Even if there’s a tasty AO deli lunch in the middle of the day.  As soon as you get off the water, the belly starts rumbling and we find the biggest question on everyone’s mind is “where should we go for dinner?”

Yeah yeah, you could stop at some boring chain with a plastic menu and the same Buffalo Wings you can get 2 blocks from your own house.  OR–and let me tell you this is a waaaaaaaaaay better idea–you could literally walk to the orange brick building right next to our South Fork American operation and have fried cheese.  Chef John Metropulos’ Saganaki, that is.  One of the tastiest apps you’ve ever had.  And it only gets better from there.  Read the reviews on Yelp yourself–Cafe Mahjaic is one seriously unexpected dining experience here in the sleep Coloma-Lotus valley.


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