Why AO Rafting is (way) Cooler than Congress

Posted July 27, 2012 by Malina

Nothing is better than coffee.  Ask this pregnant lady who went cold-turkey because she doesn’t want to get the baby all hopped up or encourage more kicking of the bladder than is strictly necessary: nothing is better than coffee!  It smells so good…..it’s another way to eat high-fat dairy products.  It sets you up for the day.  It gets you past 3pm with a smile on your face.  It’s the best ice cream in the world.  I’m not having any of this for a few more weeks, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited when I found out we switched to Fair Trade and Organic coffee this year.  We’ve been ordering from California roasters Capricorn Coffee for years now, which is cool, but now we’re even cooler.  Their coffee is not only Fair Trade but is also anti-fracking,  gives you better gas mileage, brings Republicans and Democrats in Congress together for lunch, and reduces stress in lab mice!   Right.  But it does taste even better knowing people got paid fairly for it and that we’re doing our part one coffee break and one multi-day river trip breakfast at a time!  Now if our beloved leaders up on the Hill could only get with that program……….then AO Rafting would really be impressive.  For now, our coffee is good.

(Above:  Where did Jonny B get that tan??  On a rafting trip perhaps?  Hmm……probably not. But a multi-day river trip might do a lot of these guys some good. )


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