A Unique and Special Rafting Trip: Honoring the Path of the Warrior

Posted March 28, 2013 by Laura Armstrong

IMG_1033-e1314681674860-300x224We are excited and delighted to say that this will be the third year that AO will be privileged to provide post 911 and Persian Gulf veterans with a special rafting and camping experience sponsored by the organization, Honoring the Path of the Warrior (HPW).

As part of the annual rafting event, elements inherent to rafting, such as the magic and beauty of nature, the thrill and challenge of the river, and working as a team, HPW provides meditation and mindfulness tools veterans that can use in their daily lives to reduce anxiety and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  Their work is literally life-saving as every 65 minutes a veteran commits suicide.[1] As a nation, we’re just realizing the full scope of PTSD on veterans, their families, and society as a whole.  Events such as the whitewater rafting have had a profound effect on their healing process.

You will enjoy watching one of these groups experience the Middle Fork of the American River: Warriors Middle Fork Video.


Who Is HPW?

Honoring the Path of the Warrior is a non-denominational, non-profit program and fiscal project of the San FranciscoZenCenter that assists this specific group of veterans in making a positive transition from military to civilian life.  Through HPW’s programs, veterans are provided with connection, community, and skills that allow them to use their strengths and experiences to regain a meaningful and productive entry back into civilian life.


Hear It Directly From A Participating Vet

Listen to one of the vets that participated in a rafting retreat speak about the impact this trip has had on him.  You can view it here: Reflection on Rafting Trip


How You Can Help?

Because there is no fee for participating vets, HPW appreciates receiving monetary gifts of support to help them offer their supportive and invaluable programs at no cost.  It’s one way to say thanks to our military personnel that have sacrificed so much.We encourage you to learn more about Honoring the Path of the Warrior and consider supporting what they do.

You may also visit them on their Facebook page.

[1] 60 Minutes News Program, March 3, 2013


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