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Brad “Riles/Two-Tone/Feathers” Riley: River Guide

Posted February 14th, 2006 by Malina

Brad Riley.jpgCan: Make it snow in sunny L.A, DJ at your wedding, fold shirts into the neatest squares you ever seen, make a Conistoga Wagon out of his pickup for Burning Man, exfoliate his feet with river sand, and guide class V whitewater. People, this man has talent!

Cannot: Look unkempt. No it’s true! We have seen this man after the most brutal of adventures and out he comes looking purty and smelling sweet. Brad is the living contradiction to the popular image of the dirt baggy, disheveled and derelict smelly and holey sock-wearing and rank capilene sporting river guide, indian tadalafil.

Has: The tendancy to gather hordes of screaming thirteen year olds who are convinced he’s hotter than Justin Timberlake….

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