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Brad “Riles/Two-Tone/Feathers” Riley: River Guide

February 14th, 2006 Malina

Brad Riley.jpgCan: Make it snow in sunny L.A, DJ at your wedding, fold shirts into the neatest squares you ever seen, make a Conistoga Wagon out of his pickup for Burning Man, exfoliate his feet with river sand, and guide class V whitewater. People, this man has talent!

Cannot: Look unkempt. No it’s true! We have seen this man after the most brutal of adventures and out he comes looking purty and smelling sweet. Brad is the living contradiction to the popular image of the dirt baggy, disheveled and derelict smelly and holey sock-wearing and rank capilene sporting river guide, indian tadalafil.

Has: The tendancy to gather hordes of screaming thirteen year olds who are convinced he’s hotter than Justin Timberlake….

6 Responses to “Brad “Riles/Two-Tone/Feathers” Riley: River Guide”

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    […] So you can imagine my excitement when I got the invitation last week to go along on a trip to the Smith and Cal Salmon rivers on the Northern California coast. Four of us, (Smokey, Adam, Brad and I) all headed out last Friday night toward Redding, then completed the drive to Hiuchi on Saturday. […]

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    […] Smokey Pittman, Brad Riley, Adam Walker, Danny Walker and I had all gathered at the River Inn in Redding the night before, and after a few hours of sleep were loading up our cars, talking about where to get our morning coffee. The plan was to drive Highway 299 (connecting Redding to Arcada) towards the Cal Salmon, stopping along the way to look at the Trinity Drainage and decide which runs we should actually do. It was thought that we would either stick to a New River/Burnt Ranch Gorge combination, or drive on to do the North and South Forks of the Cal Salmon. Our decision would depend on water level, put-in logistics, and how sporty we all felt after that coffee. […]

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    […] Brad Riley, Beth, Andrew, Joe Marshall. Training Guides: Elizabeth Indart, […]

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    […] get our act together in time! I would love to go again with higher water but we had a great time! Brad was our guide and it was great to see him again. He has never been our guide before although we […]

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    […] surprised with everything during our weekend on the river. The guides were outstanding. Lindsay, Brad, Noah, Adam, Adam and Tom were friendly and so knowledgeable about the river and the surrounding […]

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