California Salmon Rafting Weekend 2012

Posted April 4, 2012 by Malina

AO Rafting’s annual spring Cal Salmon rafting trip is back!  Now, I do realize of course that after this amazing skiing year we’ve had (heh heh) that you’re all a little burnt out on high adventure, but if you can pull it together for a moment  and gather your energy, think about this:

The Cal Salmon usually comes but once a year for us–this is a fleeting opportunity! You’re probably going to have to wait for Cherry Creek for water this challenging again this season.  Our guides love this river so much–and get the chance to see it so rarely–this trip turns into a “welcome back, holy-cow-it’s-a-new-season, here we go” reunion smash up.  So if you love AO, and love AO guides, this is your chance to see a LOT of them in one place and looking great in wetsuits.  Wetsuits?  Oh yes, you’ll be wearing one too….this is not a trip for the faint-of heart.  But so worth the fashion sacrifice.

Hooked yet?  Want the details? Of course you do.  The California Salmon rafting weekend starts April 28th in Northern California at Somes Bar.  A day of class IV-V rafting awaits you–or two, if you are really hard-core. 

Still not convinced? Check out the 5-star  Cal Salmon rafting reviews people wrote up last year:

Above: Scouting a rapid on the California Salmon River



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