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Guide Bio: Tom Canada!

Even the barest mention of Tom makes me and Amy d burst into the “Blame Canada” song, which I don’t think he likes very much, but it’s the truth, so what can you do.  Stop me and Amy d from […]

  Published September 9th, 2010

Guide Bio: Mason!

Mason.  He of the flaming rocket tattoo.   Hoster of mid-winter, off-season (possibly off-color, but I’m just guessing) Prom Nights. Secret channeler of The King, navigator of strange inflatable animals, and latest in a long line of AO love affairs (he’s […]

  Published August 16th, 2010

Diesel Dan: River Guide

Oh Diesel to the D-A-N.  What shall we write about you?  The story of how you got your knickname?  No no, the story about the circus is so much better.  And yet, I lack proof that the events unfolded as […]

  Published November 10th, 2009

Noah N: River Guide

Meet Mr. Nash, one of the lynch-pins of our Tuolumne River operation!  Guiding for us since…..oh lord a long time I’m not even really sure……. Noah has guided basically all of our rivers over his career with us, ran our Merced […]

  Published October 22nd, 2009

Colin L: River Guide

Where to start here with Colin?  The organic garden in a bathtub?  No, too typical.  Doesn’t set him apart.  Maybe the work with the orphanage in Nicaragua?  eh.  Again, nothing new there–so many people do that stuff.  The irrigation system […]

  Published October 9th, 2009

Lenka: Reservationist

Lenka is a rare bird, both exotic and practical. She was born in the Czech Republic so she brings Eastern European flair to our Walnut Creek office–and she also keeps it in top form with her impeccable attention to detail. […]

  Published March 2nd, 2009

Roxanne: Reservationist

A few years ago Roxanne high kicked her way out of the dance studio and into the land of All-Outdoors.  Along the way were stops in Mexico, New Jersey, and a stint as a morning radio show host!  All those early mornings might explain her […]

  Published February 5th, 2009

Lynsey: River Guide and Manager

Oh Lynsey, maker of crocheted skirts, owner of a vintage sewing machine, and …….. power tool queen?   I defy you to find another girl like this–river guide, class B driver, and maker of homemade curtains.  Apparently the Home Economics Dept was […]

  Published June 16th, 2008

Joe M: River Guide and Manager

Joe came to All-Outdoors from the snowy slopes of Colorado ski resorts. Apparently he wanted to get a tan after all that time in a parka……Whatever the reason, he joined us a few years ago and pretty much became indispensable […]

  Published May 22nd, 2008

Tessa S: River Guide

Like the best spies and undercover agents, Tessa isn’t quite what she seems. Under her ready smile and fun-loving personality she hides many talents. She can cook up a fabulous fillet of Salmon, crochet a hat, guide gnarly whitewater, and, […]

  Published October 15th, 2007

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