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Got to the South Fork Too Early? Not a Problem

You’ve done all the planning just right. You booked your rafting trip on the South Fork American River. You printed directions and packed up the car the night before. You even left yourself an extra 45 minutes of drive time […]

  Published August 20th, 2012

A River Guide’s Morning

It’s early in the morning. You wake up, somewhat begrudgingly, somewhat excitedly, and  go through your somewhat truncated morning routine. You wake your kids or your roommates and load up, bleary eyed, into the car yawning and wiping the sleep […]

  Published July 4th, 2012

California Gold Rush History

It’s that time of year again when kids go back to school and California’s 4th graders arrive en masse each day to learn a little more about the Golden State. As a follow up to our previous entry about saving Marshall […]

  Published September 16th, 2009

cartoon wombat explains it all for you

This wee wombat video is the perfect diversion. Hilarious! Totally true! Breakin’ it down! Check it out:

  Published March 16th, 2009

Hiking Along the Rubicon River – A Good Addition to a Rafting Trip on the American River

Last week, my family was in town for three days. Not that long of a time, right? And I love my family. But in a town like Coloma, (on the South Fork of the American River), you can’t really expect […]

  Published July 31st, 2007

Winter Shopping for Boaters

I am deeply ashamed to be admitting this, but I recently added myself to the online shopping community, and am now one of those folks going around raving about the deals you can find here on this amazing world wibe […]

  Published January 9th, 2007

Why I Love The South Fork

We were having lunch at Marshall Gold Discovery State Park last week, in the middle of an Upper South Fork American rafting trip, when the father of the family on my boat that day asked me, “So is this place […]

  Published August 15th, 2006

“The 49 Shuffle”, and Other Noteworthy Drives (Pictures Included)

One of the best things about working for All Outdoors is the fact that within just two weekends, you can raft the North Stanislaus, the South Fork of the American, the Kaweah, and the Tuolumne River. You can go from […]

  Published June 20th, 2006

Commentary Is Welcome!

This is not a story, river news, nor guide bio. Just a quick note to say thanks to those of you who have posted comments to different articles on this blog, and an invitation to the rest of you to […]

  Published April 26th, 2006

“My Favorite Thing ‘Bout Boatin'” – Boof’s Best Forum Topic This Year!

Although sometimes hard to find, there are a few places on the web for California boaters to go and share ideas, latest runs, flows, gear reviews, etc. One of those places is, whose boater’s forum actually gets posted on […]

  Published March 16th, 2006

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