Cherry Creek and the Tuolumne River… Combined!

Posted April 24, 2007 by Robyn Suddeth

All-Outdoors just expanded our business on the Tuolumne River and Cherry Creek, which means we have twice as many available rafting trips up there and, even better, some new ones! With all those launch dates tocc17.JPG choose from, and with such a long Cherry Creek season on the way due to dam-regulated flows, we figured we could put our heads together and come up with a few good ways to add some fun trip alternatives. Thus was born one of AO’s best ideas yet… (drumroll please)… the never-before-offered, fabulously brilliant,

Cherry Creek – Tuolumne River Combination Trips!

Our reasoning on creating these special combo trips went something like this: “Hey! Cherry Creek just happens to run directly into the Tuolumne… which puts two amazing stretches of river quite literally on top of one another… sooo… why not offer a trip that runs down both?!” (We’re genious I tell you!) The merger provides the best of both worlds: heart-pounding Class V accompanied by overnight camping in a beautiful canyon, hikes up tumbling creeks, exhilerating Class IV, and calmer stretches of river perfect for relaxation. (For any of you out there having a hard time choosing between a day of Class V adrenaline on Cherry Creek and a few days of wilderness camping and Class IV on the Tuolumne, we’ve just made your decision a whole lot easier.)

The order of events is totally up to you. imgp0130.JPGYou can either warm up on the Tuolumne for a day or two before tackling Cherry Creek’s “Miracle Mile”, or you can start the trip off with a bang on Cherry Creek and spend the next two days on the Tuolumne laughing and celebrating over your adventurous accomplishments.

Web pages will soon be available on with a more detailed description of your various options and trip details.

Until then, call 1-800-24-RAFTS for more information. We’re just as excited about these new trips as you are, so will be more than happy to answer any and all questions!


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