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Lynsey: River Guide and Manager

June 16th, 2008 Malina

Oh Lynsey, maker of crocheted skirts, owner of a vintage sewing machine, and …….. power tool queen?   I defy you to find another girl like this–river guide, class B driver, and maker of homemade curtains.  Apparently the Home Economics Dept was right next to the Machine shop at her high school.   Lynsey hails from South Dakota, and brings with her that Mid-Western talent for chit-chat, a good old-fashioned work ethic, and an iconoclastic sense of humor that defies description.

3 Responses to “Lynsey: River Guide and Manager”

  1. Family Rafting Trips Says:

    […] recently did a two-day trip on the Tuolumne River, and as Lynsey and I greeted guests in the morning I realized all four groups on our trips were […]

  2. katieevans Says:

    An A+ day in my book. I was scared out of my mind… not a single toe should touch the water… if I go in Lynsey YOU GO IN! I took my staff on an express rafting trip down the North Fork on Sunday Aug 9th, 2009. Lynsey was our guide and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that… she was amazing, fun, and I felt so comfortable with her as did my staff. I explained that she was starting with an “A” and we would see what her grade was when we were finished… Lynsey amazed and dazzled myself as well as my staff and we can’t wait to raft with her again. Needless to say she’s in for another visit from “TEAM Trouble!” Katie, Jay, Nakia, Camille, and Bev. Next time I’m bringing green zink sunblock, sparkling toe nail polish, and a bungie cord to attach to Lynsey LOL!!!

  3. katieevans Says:

    Oppsie… It was the South Fork…LOL thats what I meant to say above! HA!!!

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