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Scott Armstrong: Owner

January 16th, 2006 Malina

DSCN2961.JPGLeft: Scott A, leading by example

Scott, our fearless leader, was basically born with a silver paddle in his mouth and was weaned on the banks of California’s rivers. AO’s history is Scott’s history too.

If Scott is your guide you could easily go the whole day without knowing he’s one of the owners of the company or that he has rafted all over the U.S as well as in exotic lands like Africa and South America; he prefers to stay under the radar. That having been said, even if you don’t hear his incredible pedigree and experience you are unlikely to forget a day on the river with Scott. Why? Trust us, you just won’t.

12 Responses to “Scott Armstrong: Owner”

  1. » RVs the New Rafts on the American River The All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting California River Blog » Blog Archive Says:

    […] During the peak hours of heavy rain and flooding last week, the South Fork American River was raging at around forty times it’s usual flow. I was having a tough time imagining where all that water could go, so I called friends in Coloma to get some stories and a better visual on the day. Scott [Armstrong] informed me that the river was in some places twenty feet above its usual height, and had managed to grab a few RVs and motor homes from some of the parks upstream on its way down to Folsom. One of the RVs hit a roadblock along the way in the form of Highway 49, closing off traffic on the bridge for a while. Other sights included propane tanks and trees. […]

  2. » Rafting Companies in Winter- Still Kickin’ The All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting California River Blog » Blog Archive Says:

    […] Many people entertain the false notion that rafting company owners and managers enjoy this sort of la-di-da seasonal life in which they just get to play and laze around all winter long, waiting for the rivers to reappear and life to return to their tiny foothill town. The truth is that there is still a ton of work to do after that last bus pulls into the All Outdoors parking lot at sundown and turns its engine off, marking the conclusion of the season. Several managers stick it out with owner Scott Armstrong in Lotus, doing incredibly exciting things such as gear maintainance and inventory, property work, and designing improvements on boats and vehicles. […]

  3. hbostian Says:

    Scott… are you awake??

  4. » Raft Naked? The All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting California River Blog Blog Archive Says:

    […] But the problem is that saving the world requires creativity and costs more. Lots more. And sometimes I just want to show a profit, you know? Show Scott A that this year I did more than break even. So I start looking at the catalogs with their shiny graphics, endless colour choices, and “proven best sellers.” I call up a rep and ask what she’d recommend. She points me to the “Naked” series. You know, “Raft Naked: It makes your cheeks pink.” Um, I don’t think that’s really what we’re after, I tell her. Maybe the shirt that says “10 reasons why a life jacket is better than your girlfriend?” Run away! Run away! […]

  5. The All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting California River Blog » The Shortest Swim Ever Says:

    […] last Saturday, Randy and Scott Armstrong organized a fun guides trip down the North Fork of the American River. The point was mainly to have […]

  6. The All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting California River Blog » Cherry Creek Season Has Begun!! Says:

    […] can still remember the drive home from my first day paddling Cherry Creek. Scott A. turned to me and asked, “Isn’t it beautiful up there? What did you think of all those […]

  7. American River Whitewater Media Day Says:

    […] had the privilege of guiding with two of the All-Outdoors owners, Scott Armstrong and his dad, George Armstrong, who founded All-Outdoors. It was fun to listen to George tell […]

  8. (Video) Cherry Creek Rafting Trip, August 25, 2007 Says:

    […] Scott Armstrong, Adam Walker, Danny Walker, Matt […]

  9. AO Africa slideshow at California River Festival March 15 Says:

    […] of the River’s annual California River Festival just got even better.  AO owner Scott Armstrong has been invited to present a slideshow and talk on his 2005 expedition to Ethiopia’s Blue […]

  10. California River Radio Program with AO–March 8th Says:

    […] Scott Armstrong is doing a radio interview with local radio station KFOK 95.1 FM on March 8th at 9pm. Along with other guests he’ll be discussing topics like how recreational industries like whitewater rafting companies in California can “go green.” What “going green” actually means can be difficult to assess–for us, it means combining a respect for the planet, finite resources, and wilderness with an ethical and sustainable business model. Or goal is to balance our bottom line with a strong commitment to both our community and nature–we depend on both equally in order to stay in business. […]

  11. Reminder: California River Awards Oct 16th Says:

    […] Our very own Scott A will be attending so if you want to get the inside scoop on all things AO you can stalk him […]

  12. Where in the World is AO? Futaleufu, Chile! Says:

    […] glaciers, aquamarine rivers, and…………friendly barnyard animals.  Here is AO owner Scott A getting to know the locals in Futaleufu, and probably trying to negotiate an egg or too for […]

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