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Tessa S: River Guide

October 15th, 2007 Malina

capecod.jpgLike the best spies and undercover agents, Tessa isn’t quite what she seems. Under her ready smile and fun-loving personality she hides many talents. She can cook up a fabulous fillet of Salmon, crochet a hat, guide gnarly whitewater, and, when TSibbs subs, handle a roomful of rebellious teenagers with aplomb. Not only that, she loves literature and can separate a dangling participle from a split infinitive with steely accuracy. Well-traveled and limber, Tessa may lead you on a sunrise Yoga session on a 2-day river trip and tell you stories about hotdogs in Chile, Idaho whitewater, or reveal the secrets of the Pharoahs.

2 Responses to “Tessa S: River Guide”

  1. Upper Klamath Dam Removal Says:

    […] AO guide Tessa reports: This is a fascinating time for California’s rivers, and rivers all over the Western United States, as the government and agencies are relicensing and relooking at the hundreds of dams that were built over the past century. The Klamath River, in the far northern reaches of California, is an especially interesting story. For decades, the various groups of people that depend on the river for their livelihood, including the Native Americans, farmers, and commercial fishermen, have battled over water rights to the Klamath. Recently, however, with dwindling fish populations and a decreasing availability of water, the groups have been collaborating to find a solution for many of the river’s problems. One solution they have come up with is to remove four major dams in the upper section of the river, restoring the river to it’s natural state and hopefully reviving the Salmon runs. This month’s National Geographic Magazine has an excellent article outlining the different issues and overviewing the ongoing debate. […]

  2. Honeymoon Hiatus! Says:

    […] a quick shout out to my lovely ladies Tessa and Brooke for covering my newly-married booty on this here blog while I was busy getting married […]

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