What to Wear on Spring Rafting Trips

Posted April 14, 2009 by Malina

It’s that time of year:  flowers are blooming, skies are blue, trees and sidewalks frosted with a dusting of petals . . . and stiff stinky neoprene is coming out of storage. 

Spring is a fantastic time to go rafting becuase you get fewer crowds, higher water, beautiful wildflowers, and vibrant green hills–but in order to enjoy the magic rather than freeze your booty off, you have to dress appropriately.  Here are the basics you need to know:

First, avoid cotton at all costs. Cotton doesn’t insulate when it’s wet, so although it might seem cozy on the road to put-in as soon as you hit the first wave you’re done for.  Instead, opt for wool or a technical fabric like capilene, poly pro, or fleece.  Then, wear the appropriate rafting gear–a wetsuit and a splash jacket, or if you’re a frequent floater seriously commited to springtime comfort, a dry top or a dry suit.  These garments are made of waterproof material and have stretchy rubber gaskets at the neck and wrists to keep water out and your clothes dry and warm. 

bgs_2005_fotos_007Don’t forget about your extremities–wool socks or neoprene booties are key for your feet and a wool hat is nice to keep the noggin warm.  And of course, bring some sunscreen along for your face and hands unless you find the extreme farmer’s tan attractive.   You’re ready!  Now go plan a day off and get out on the river!

(above–these boys are suited up and ready to go.  Looks like they need help figuring out which side of the raft is “up,” though…)


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