Why a Middle Fork 2-day trip ROCKS!

Posted August 31, 2011 by Jeremy

Let me start this with a qualifying statement: if you have yet to raft the Middle Fork American at all…you’ve got a problem that needs fixing. The Middle Fork is one of our most popular runs for a reason. Awesome class III and IV rapids intertwined through a long, hot, fun day in a beautiful canyon make for a fantastic day on the river. Throw in epic rapids like Tunnel Chute, Kanaka and Chunder and you can see why the Middle Fork is a can’t-miss trip.

So why not double your fun on an All-Outdoors 2-day trip down the Middle Fork? There are so many reasons why the 2-day trip will rock your world, but the main thing is the added amenities. For example, instead of just lunch on the river like a normal 1-day trip, how does lunch both days with delicious dinner and breakfast in between sound?

You may be wondering how we run the same section of river that takes one day normally and break it into two, while still maintaining the crazy, enjoyable aura of it all. Well, the coolest part of doing a multi-day trip on the Middle Fork is the remote wilderness camping experience of the night in between rafting days. After the top half of the river is completed, we will set up camp on a beach next to the river and eat, relax and socialize by the campfire. The expansive, hushed canyon will be yours to explore for the night; take a dip in the river, go fishing, play cards by the fire.

We aren’t done spoiling you yet, however. After an unforgettable night camping out, you’ll pile back into your raft and take on the second half of the Middle Fork. We will make a pit stop for lunch part way down and make our way up the side of Canyon Creek for your final bonus adventure.

So, next time you are planning on hitting up the Middle Fork with All-Outdoors, be sure to consider a 2-day itinerary. Raft the thrashing white water and enjoy the scenic beauty of the secluded canyon all in one trip! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to experience one of the most action-packed trips white water rafting in California has to offer!


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