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Goodwin Canyon Days Continue Following Government Shutdown

October 16th, 2013 by Malina

Goodwin Canyon RaftingDisaster.
We’re no strangers—landslides, rockslides, sliding fortunes in the global economy, apocalyptic fires, ripped boats, broken oars, oil leaks, soggy bread and sunburns… bring it on, ’cause we can deal. But a government shut-down? Color us powerless. And so, it is with sadness that we have had to cancel our sold-out first weekend on Goodwin Canyon. *tear*

The good news? 1200 CFS and Double Runs. And BBQ.
If those boys up on the hill will just get their acts together and do their job (Who me? Editorialize? Don’t even get me started!) next weekend on Goodwin will be a go! And what a go it will be because we’ve been told to expect awesome flows of around 1200 CFS! And, we got permission from our Fearless Leader to do the double runs and BBQ of Goodwin Canyon Days that we had originally planned for opening weekend.

October 26-27 Goodwin Canyon Days are on! (Fingers Crossed)
So if you can handle a little uncertainty and need another reason to root for a re-open of our fair government (as if), give us a call and jump on this opportunity. Because come November, regardless of what’s going on in Washington D.C, the all too short season on Goodwin will be over.

Just Around the River Bend – Guide School 2013

March 18th, 2013 by Amy diVittorio
BGS 2009 2 cropped

Boat Flipping Practice

BGS 2009

Class of 2009

If life is a river then the 2013 rafting season is just around the bend. That means we have the Cal Salmon, the Merced, spring flows, 100 degree heat, Poppy Hill and Guide School not so far off in the not-so-distant future. Guide School this year will be offered twice: once in April, April 11-14 and 19-21, and once in June, June 18-24.

People join Guide School for various reasons.  Some want to improve their skills as private rafters, others are looking for 7 adventuresome days of rafting and camaraderie, while others fully intend to become full-time hardcore river raft guides. While that process can be challenging and arduous, full of flips, swims, knots, and gear shuffles, there is no doubt that the journey begins at Guide School and that it will change you.  Guide School is open to all over 16 though most of our students are 18 and over.  It is an intense week of early mornings, variable conditions, heart-pumping moments, laughs for your six-pack, aaaaaaand pretty much the best time you will have with a bunch random people. Join us, if you dare! For more info see our Guide School Page where you will find a link to the Guide School Questionnaire. And, if you want to work as a guide this season you should also check out our Employment Page where you read about the hiring process and find a link to our application. Hope to see you ’round the bend.

Whitewater Guide School Dates for 2009

February 11th, 2009 by Malina

We’ve set the dates for our yearly whitewater river rafting guide school for the 2009 California rafting season.  We have two options this year: 

Spring School:  In April we’ll host a guide school over two long weekends.  The first segment is April 17-20, and the second is the 25-27th.

Early Summer School:  In June, we’re offering a week-long immersion school from the 16th to the 22nd.

Curriculum:  Both schools are taught by veteran AO guides.  They will cover the basic skills necessary to start a career in whitewater rafting—reading water, equipment skills, safety proceedures, riparian environments, and navigation techniques.  You’ll also learn how to cook delicioso meals on the river bank with little more than a frying pan and a propane burner, spiffy rope skills, and meet interesting people–all while sleeping under the stars, learning to love damp wetsuits at the crack of dawn, and paddling your booty off all day.

Who should enroll:  Anyone interested in working professionally as a river guide in California.  Our school is designed for aspiring river professionals, but we welcome rafting enthusiasts who want to learn more about the sport or people looking for an unusual adventure vacation.

To learn more about our river guide school visit our website  and fill out an application (more…)

Wine Tasting and Whitewater Trip July 19th

April 30th, 2008 by Malina

Last year we did our first wine tasting and whitewater rafting trips and we’re bringing them back for 2008.

The Armstrong FamilyOur July 19th trip combines some of the best receation the Gold Country has to offer–whitewater rafting and wine tasting. A little lux, a little adventure……..sounds pretty sweet to me! Napa and Sonoma may be more famous, but the Sierra Foothills are becoming more and more well known as the awards and accolades continue to roll in. Our first wine trip this summer will partner up with Boeger Winery–which has been making rich Barberas and unusual varietals like Tempranillo and Charbono since 1972.

Details on the trip:

  • When: Saturday July 19
  • Where: We’ll meet at our River Center in Lotus, California, at 9:00am.
  • What: Raft first! Lunch and wine second! After rafting the Upper section of the South Fork of the American River we’ll have a fabulous lunch, taste a flight of Boeger’s wines, and learn a little something about the Sierra Foothills appelation and Boeger Winery’s history. Boeger’s staff will be on the trip so the wine will be poured by the folks who know it best.
  • Cost: This trip is $175, and includes a one day rafting trip, lunch, and wine tasting. All equipment, shuttles, taxes and fees are included.

For more information, give our office a ring (800) 247-2387 or email Malina at Malina@aorafting.com