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Posted May 24, 2013 by Malina

logo_2013We here in the AO Rafting River Office are nervous that AO Rafting owner Scott A is going to start acting a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle big for his britches (“You over there! Young river guide!  What?  No I don’t know your name–can’t you see how important I am?  I’m on TV!  Come here and wash this wetsuit!”) after his big debut on Channel 10 News the other day.

Our Fearless Leader  was interviewed about the prospects of the 2013 California rafting season.  Questions abound about how the dry winter will affect rafting.  Of course you all know that here in Northern California dam-controlled rivers are just dandy, but you may not be aware that in the Southern part of the state things are actually dire.  Dire as in no season on the Kern River at all.  Eeeeeeesh.  Learn what other revelations Scott unveiled–check out the interview.  He nailed it!

Just kidding about the big for the britches thing, BTW.  He totally knows my name….right?


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