AO Takes This Family Rafting Business Seriously

Posted July 20, 2006 by Robyn Suddeth

3 generations armstrongs.jpg(Pun actually was intended there.) Although it is true that we love all the families that come rafting with us throughout the year, the title actually refers instead to one particular family: the Armstrongs, founders and owners of All Outdoors Whitewater Rafting since the late 1960s. This last Saturday they were out in full force on the South Fork American River, proving that AO is not only family-owned, but really family-operated as well…

In one trip alone, three generations of Armstrongs were on the river guiding together. Grandpa George Armstrong, who started the company all those years ago, came out for a celebrity appearance. His son, and now also Operations Manager, Scott Armstrong, led the trip. And grandkids Laura and Christy Armstrong were in the mix as well, both of whom just started guiding within the last two years. Scott commented that it was quite the amusing moment to see his niece Christy turning back to give her grandfather the OK signal before entering the Class III rapids, asking if he was ready to go. (All of us guides have some way of giving the nod to each other before entering larger rapids, just to be certain we’re all on the same page and running the rapid as a team.)

One of the most attractive things about working for All Outdoors is the mysteriously strong sense of community present between all employees and anyone else who has long been involved with the company. Judging from this last weekend, it must just be a natural extension from the amazingly talented and close-knit family that runs it!


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