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Rim Fire:Tuolumne and Cherry Creek Season Over for 2013

Due to the massive “Rim Fire” near Yosemite, we have cancelled the rest of the rafting season on the Tuolumne and Cherry Creek.  All of our guides are safe and sound, and have come home to our American River operation. Two of […]

  Published August 24th, 2013

25 Years of Cherry Creek Rafting

There has been plenty of reminiscing around here lately.  Last year we hit the big 5-0 in terms of years on California rivers–and this summer we realized that we’ve been on the mack-Daddy of the them all, Cherry Creek for […]

  Published July 30th, 2013

Cherry Creek is Open for 2012!

Trips on the Creek start tomorrow: it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Well, the moment that the less sedentary and higher-octane among us have been waiting for anway.  Me?  I’ll see you on a Tom Sawyer Float trip or a […]

  Published June 21st, 2012

All-Guides Day on Cherry Creek

Monday, I was one of the 20 some odd guides who assembled in Groveland, CA to take on the Cherry Creek for the first run of the season. The experience felt one part business, one part reunion,  and one big […]

  Published June 8th, 2012

Cherry Creek Opens June 6th 2012

As we suspected, flows are coming down quickly enough in the Tuolumne River Canyon that we can open our class five Cherry Season a little earlier than we originally anticipated.  That means we will be open Weds June 6th for […]

  Published May 30th, 2012

It’s your choice: Cherry Creek or “Fear Factor” re-runs

It seems way too early to be saying “last call” for Cherry Creek since the season opened up just a few weeks ago, but what can you do.  The water is coming down and all we can do is enjoy […]

  Published August 29th, 2011

Cherry Bomb Gorge eats Cherry Pie for Breakfast

[ Cherry Bomb Gorge from Evan Garcia on Vimeo. So you got the Tuolumne, right?  Class IV at regular flows, class -how-you-doin at high water.  Class V Clavey Falls all the time.  Above that, you got Cherry Creek, the toughest […]

  Published August 15th, 2011

A class V disappointment for Cherry Creek Fans.

It’s true.  Cherry Creek is still too high to run. While flows have been coming down, they’re still about 2700 CFS–700 more cubic feet of water per second than we want to deal with!  Mother Nature won this round. So, we’re not going to […]

  Published July 28th, 2011

Seriously: Last chance for Tuolumne and Cherry Creek

Time to line up and start singing: “Goodnight, farewell, aufiederzein, goodbye!!!  Adieu! Adieu….”  Ok, ok, you get the picture.  This is the last weekend for rafting trips on the Tuolumne and Cherry Creek.  So for all you procrastinators out there, […]

  Published August 30th, 2010

Headed to the Tuolumne or Cherry Creek this Weekend?

If you’re soon to be packing up for a trip on the Tuolumne or Cherry Creek you gotta go visit  Yosemite!  FREE park entrance  this weekend!  (still gotta pay overnight fees)  I’m sure the crowds will be out in force, […]

  Published August 12th, 2010

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