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Impact of Rim Fire on the Tuolumne and Cherry Creek

August 24th, 2013 Gregg Armstrong

Many of you are no doubt wondering how the Rim Fire has developed and the impact it will have on Tuolumne and Cherry Creek river trips. We’ll have better understanding over time, of course, but here is what I have been able to gather so far. Rim Fire Facts and Figures: On Wednesday, August 21 […]

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Rim Fire:Tuolumne and Cherry Creek Season Over for 2013

August 24th, 2013 Malina

Due to the massive “Rim Fire” near Yosemite, we have cancelled the rest of the rafting season on the Tuolumne and Cherry Creek.  All of our guides are safe and sound, and have come home to our American River operation. Two of AO Rafting’s owners were actually working on the Tuolumne when the fire broke out and witnessed […]

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Three weeks left for Cherry Creek Rafting

August 14th, 2013 Malina

If Not Now, When, Cross It Off Your Bucket List, Carpe Diem, Live Life to the Fullest…….so many cliches, so little time left to raft Cherry Creek in 2013.  Three weeks, to be exact.  Cherry Creek rafting is over for the year after Labor Day weekend.

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25 Years of Cherry Creek Rafting

July 30th, 2013 Malina

There has been plenty of reminiscing around here lately.  Last year we hit the big 5-0 in terms of years on California rivers–and this summer we realized that we’ve been on the mack-Daddy of the them all, Cherry Creek for 25 years! Scott had this revelation when he was out rafting Cherry Creek at the begining […]

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Cherry Creek Rafting Season Open for 2013

June 4th, 2013 Malina

There’s no time to shed a tear for the end of the 2013 Merced season–we’re too busy getting ready for the Mother of them all, Cherry Creek!  Lower snowpack and less run-off means this world-class river can open for business much earlier than usual.  Our Creek Guides are headed out for their usual training regemin […]

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One Month Left for Tuolumne and Cherry Creek Rafting

August 6th, 2012 Malina

As much we love the T and the Creek we have to say goodbye.  Not quite yet of course–but the farewell is on the horizon.  No more trips after the first weekend of September!  Not ‘cuz we don’t wanna………….but because the big boys at the dam are literally going to shut off the water.  I […]

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Mid-Season Flow Update for California Rivers

July 16th, 2012 Malina

It’s misdummer and although free-run rivers are down to a fish-flow trickle there are still plenty of options for California River enthusiasts.  Here’s the low-down on your current options  from mellowist to maximum gnarl: Super chill:  The section of the South Fork of the American that runs through the Coloma-Lotus Valley is a gentle class […]

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Cherry Creek is Open for 2012!

June 21st, 2012 Malina

Trips on the Creek start tomorrow: it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Well, the moment that the less sedentary and higher-octane among us have been waiting for anway.  Me?  I’ll see you on a Tom Sawyer Float trip or a kiddie pool.  But for those of you who like having your heart-in-your-throat, and want to […]

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All-Guides Day on Cherry Creek

June 8th, 2012 cameron

Monday, I was one of the 20 some odd guides who assembled in Groveland, CA to take on the Cherry Creek for the first run of the season. The experience felt one part business, one part reunion,  and one big part a flurry of whitewater soaked adrenaline. Our guides are a diverse group. They vary […]

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Cherry Creek Opens June 6th 2012

May 30th, 2012 Malina

As we suspected, flows are coming down quickly enough in the Tuolumne River Canyon that we can open our class five Cherry Season a little earlier than we originally anticipated.  That means we will be open Weds June 6th for the first commercial trip of the season!  Our Creek guides will be out there for their […]

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