What’s with those wedding pics, anyway?

Posted September 22, 2010 by Malina

Talk about self promotion that has nothing to do with white water rafting.  Sheesh.

 Who posted those pictures of Danny and Malina’s wedding on the AO rafting facebook page?  Who are these people and why are they on this site??  I think I forgot to explain.  Danny and Malina are the latest in a loooooooong line of AO marriages.  They met when Danny was the South Fork manager and Malina was the River Office manager.  In fact, they are the third such pairing in a row!  Dave and Steph were first, then Deb and Stu, now the Walkers.  Sort of weird, sort of cool. I always warn people eying my job–hope you like the SF manager, ’cause if you sit at my desk, you’s a’gonna marry him….

Anyway, we posted the pics because it was an AO wedding from soup-to-nuts! From the bride and groom to the wedding party (scheduler Amy d, guides Adam and Noonies, owner Scott) to the fabulous dj (guide Brad R) to the bulk of the guest list.  Thought all y’all might like to see us river folk in something other than stinky sun shirts, faded shorts, and chacos.  Plus, it just goes to show that we at AO really do love what we do, and each other–we are family.

(Above, AO founder and “Don” George, his son and owner Scott, and Jimy havin’ a chat and a cocktail at the nuptuals)


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