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Season Wrap-Up Coming Up

So my fellow rafting enthusiasts, it’s about that time of the year that we have this talk. The first week of distinctly fall weather just rolled through the Bay Area, and now it’s time to start looking forward to pumpkin […]

  Published October 24th, 2012

After Rafting Hang Out in Lotus-Coloma

The bus rattles to a stop back at the All-Outdoors parking lot along the South Fork American River. Taking a deep yawn you stretch your limbs and climb out of the bus into the bright sunlight. You say a last […]

  Published August 29th, 2012

Rafting Amongst Family and Friends

Trips with family and friends are fun. There’s a boat (or maybe two) of you floating down the river, splashing around, laughing through rapids. But what happens when you get the whole clan together? This past weekend a group of […]

  Published August 22nd, 2012

Got to the South Fork Too Early? Not a Problem

You’ve done all the planning just right. You booked your rafting trip on the South Fork American River. You printed directions and packed up the car the night before. You even left yourself an extra 45 minutes of drive time […]

  Published August 20th, 2012

Grandparent-Grandchildren Rafting Combo

I think that adults remember their grandparents in snapshots. When I think of my dad’s father, I see him after his stroke; thin, frail, confined to a wheelchair. I see my dad’s mom, graying, stressed, a bit short tempered. I […]

  Published August 15th, 2012

Last Chance and Tunnel Chute Rapids

It’s another exciting day on the Middle Fork American River. You’ve gotten up early to meet us in Forest Hill, CA, a one-horse town that was once considered as a possibility for the state capital. You’re already wet and enjoying […]

  Published August 1st, 2012

A River Guide’s Morning

It’s early in the morning. You wake up, somewhat begrudgingly, somewhat excitedly, and  go through your somewhat truncated morning routine. You wake your kids or your roommates and load up, bleary eyed, into the car yawning and wiping the sleep […]

  Published July 4th, 2012

All-Guides Day on Cherry Creek

Monday, I was one of the 20 some odd guides who assembled in Groveland, CA to take on the Cherry Creek for the first run of the season. The experience felt one part business, one part reunion,  and one big […]

  Published June 8th, 2012

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