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South Fork Farm!

We here in our Lotus River Operations office (ie HQ for AO Rafting) have a new neighbor just up the road!  South Fork Farm at Wakamatsu.  This organic 10 acre farm is located on the historic site of the 19th […]

  Published July 3rd, 2013

After Rafting Hang Out in Lotus-Coloma

The bus rattles to a stop back at the All-Outdoors parking lot along the South Fork American River. Taking a deep yawn you stretch your limbs and climb out of the bus into the bright sunlight. You say a last […]

  Published August 29th, 2012

Rafting Amongst Family and Friends

Trips with family and friends are fun. There’s a boat (or maybe two) of you floating down the river, splashing around, laughing through rapids. But what happens when you get the whole clan together? This past weekend a group of […]

  Published August 22nd, 2012

Got to the South Fork Too Early? Not a Problem

You’ve done all the planning just right. You booked your rafting trip on the South Fork American River. You printed directions and packed up the car the night before. You even left yourself an extra 45 minutes of drive time […]

  Published August 20th, 2012

Grandparent-Grandchildren Rafting Combo

I think that adults remember their grandparents in snapshots. When I think of my dad’s father, I see him after his stroke; thin, frail, confined to a wheelchair. I see my dad’s mom, graying, stressed, a bit short tempered. I […]

  Published August 15th, 2012

AO Family Rocks the South Fork

This past weekend we saw more Armstrongs than Napa has wine grapes:  it was the annual Armstrong/Angeli Family Reunion hosted here at our River Center on the South Fork of the American River.  Four generations–from age 3.5 to 88!–, 50+ […]

  Published July 12th, 2012

The Magic of the Overnight River Trip

The Huz-band and I recently got away for a little overnight excursion and I was reminded of the power a wee vacay can have.  Don’t get me wrong–I love an adventure of any size, but if you can swing spending […]

  Published July 10th, 2012

Paint the Town ORANGE

It’s California Poppy time in the Coloma-Lotus Valley. Whether you’re a wildflower fan or a committed city-dweller who LOVES concrete, I can’t imagine you not being impressed with the show displayed on the sides of Mount Murphy right now. It’s a vibrant sea […]

  Published April 26th, 2012

Guided Family Bike Ride on the South Fork American Oct 2

If you’re headed up to raft the South Fork American with us the first weekend of October and you want an easy, affordable way to make a full weekend out of it, check out this cool opportunity with the American […]

  Published September 26th, 2011

Samurai Swords, Silk Worms, and the South Fork

Everyone knows that during the CA Gold Rush “the world rushed in,” right?   Meaning it wasn’t just Bostonian tailors, Southern farmers, and small-town preachers who up and left their homes to try and strike it rich in California in 1849.  […]

  Published August 16th, 2011

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