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Cherry Creek Rafting Season 2012

May 21st, 2012 Malina

Well this is a little unexpected!  Cherry Creek opens EARLY this year–June 15th,  we are a go, party people!  While it hasn’t exactly been a record-breaking year in terms of high spring rafting  flows, (we’ve been having a lot of fun, but let’s be honest, high water  year it was not) we have suspected that […]

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It’s your choice: Cherry Creek or “Fear Factor” re-runs

August 29th, 2011 Malina

It seems way too early to be saying “last call” for Cherry Creek since the season opened up just a few weeks ago, but what can you do.  The water is coming down and all we can do is enjoy it while it lasts.  So, all you adrenaline junkie whackos out there–make your bookings now […]

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Two weeks left for Tuolumne and Cherry Creek Rafting

August 22nd, 2011 Malina

It’s the count-down.  Two weeks left for upper and lower Tuolumne River trips.  As dam-controlled runs, these trips rely on releases from reservoirs that we have no control over.  So, this year we’ve been told we’ll have raftable flows through Labor Day weekend and that’s it! Then it’s time for our Tuolumne  and Creek crews to […]

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Cherry Bomb Gorge eats Cherry Pie for Breakfast

August 15th, 2011 Malina

[ Cherry Bomb Gorge from Evan Garcia on Vimeo. So you got the Tuolumne, right?  Class IV at regular flows, class -how-you-doin at high water.  Class V Clavey Falls all the time.  Above that, you got Cherry Creek, the toughest commercial run in the US.  Mile after mile of class V whitewater.  What’s above that, […]

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Memories of Cherry Creek

August 10th, 2011 Jeremy

My fellow reservationist Ian joined me last August on the biggest, baddest river of them all: Cherry Creek. Both of us had talked about trying to tame the wild upper portion of the Tuolumne River for a couple years. But we hadn’t yet found the time, gas money and … okay, fine the confidence to […]

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Cherry Creek Season Has Begun

August 4th, 2011 Malina

At long last, flows have come down-to-doable on Cherry Creek.  Our esteemed Creek Crew got out there for a sporty training trip while flows were around 2000 CFS and now they are in the 1800 CFS region, heading down to the “standard” flow of 1500 for the weekend. Trips begin today and are continuing hot […]

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A class V disappointment for Cherry Creek Fans.

July 28th, 2011 Malina

It’s true.  Cherry Creek is still too high to run. While flows have been coming down, they’re still about 2700 CFS–700 more cubic feet of water per second than we want to deal with!  Mother Nature won this round. So, we’re not going to get out there to do our warm-up runs this weekend, and won’t be offering commercial […]

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Cherry Creek: Moments Away from Take-Off

July 25th, 2011 Malina

Start reving your class V engines: Cherry Creek is almost up and running.  It’s actually still TOO up and running for now–we are waiting for the water to come down so we can get out there, do some training and warming up, and be ready to take you on the toughest whitewater trip in the […]

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FINAL DAY for Pre-Season Sale 2011

January 31st, 2011 Malina

This is it folks, January 31, 2011 is the last day of our Pre-Season Sale.  Prices go up to normal tomorrow.  Git ‘er done and save 25% on any river, any trip, any day of the week during the regular 2011 rafting season.  From a whiz-bang South Fork Express trip to a mega multi-day Tuolumne-Cherry Creek Combo, […]

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Seriously: Last chance for Tuolumne and Cherry Creek

August 30th, 2010 Malina

Time to line up and start singing: “Goodnight, farewell, aufiederzein, goodbye!!!  Adieu! Adieu….”  Ok, ok, you get the picture.  This is the last weekend for rafting trips on the Tuolumne and Cherry Creek.  So for all you procrastinators out there, this is your final warning!  The ship is about to set sail on the Tuolumne […]

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